Thursday, January 24, 2013


I made this image over 2 evenings.

I got most of the picture from a concept sketch by mike azevedo, he has these random word sketches.
Well, I decided to try and do a take on one of those called reaper or where the word was reaper.

You can see it right here :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Showreel and applying for internship

So I am currently looking for internship and because of that I made an updated reel that you can see here

Jeff Hansen Showreel 2013. from Jeff Hansen on Vimeo.

I am a bit sad that a few things didn't get finished in time for it, but I can't keep waiting for it as I need that internship before my next semester starts in mid january.
I am very excited to see where I end up, there is a lot of cool places that I would love to work :).

Monday, November 5, 2012

Undone Models

Hey guys!

So we started working on our graduation game for dadiu.
Our temporary title is Undone, as it is about a guy who has to redo some of his former choices so he can die in peace.

Cool enough concept, buuut the not really my kind of thing to be honest :).
We do have some really cool mechanics though, and I think that the game will be fun!

But I really just wanted to show off the 2 models I have done this week :)

First one is the main character, Eric :)

And the second one is his wife which will be yelling at him in the beginning, While eric is done and is being rigged, I still need to do retopology on the woman. and afterwards, I am gonna cut her up in parts and use some of those for level parts, (muhahaha).

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Interstellar Marines Needs your help!

Hey everyone!
I want to promote a game I really believe deserves a lot of attention, especially now!

Interstellar Marines By zeropoint software Is a immersive sci-fi FPS game and it has been in development for a long time, though they have been through some financial problems lately they have made a very ambitious goal to gather 600.000$ get back their core team, and finally be able to ship their game and show what they are made of!

I will admit I am slightly biased by the fact that I know these guys, but that also means I know that they have been fighting for this with blood, sweat and tears and are not willing to accept faillure as an option!

They have made one hell of a kickstarter campaign, and I would be happy to support with all I got, Unfortunately I am a poor student so I am asking for your help!
Help by sharing, pledging and whatever you can think of to help out!

Go to their Kickstarter campaign and help them out!

Also A cool little Thing, You can try out their small game demos on their Official site

For the love of the game!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Necromancer: Idun

Hey everyone.
Wanted to show some progress on one of my newest projects.
It is a female character named Idun, she is named that way after the girl from norse mythology who carries apples of youth for the ases ( dominant "specie" of gods :)).
the trick about this girl, is that she is a necromancer! she keeps stuff alive in different ways you gotta say.

This is part of the creature creation for production program that runs at phoenix atelier with cesar dacol jr. as teacher.
And I gotta say, that guy is a truly amazing teacher, if you get the chance to get him to tutor you, I would say go for it, it is a great experience.

First off I went through different design Ideas. But I ended up with this quite skinny yet powerful woman.

First off I get my orthographics done, this really helps a lot especially after the newer versions of zbrush has implemented an easy way to use imageplanes when you sculpt.

Next comes Zspheres, this is really simple to be honest. just a basic skeleton and from there I pull out the silhoutte of my character using mainly move, inflat and smooth. This is an easy task when you have your imageplanes to back you up! :)

Lastly I just started some sculpting. Consulting my teacher he felt I should get my foundation down before starting to place the female parts of the chest area.
Still keeping the subdivision very low, only at the 3rd one at this point.
we will see where this takes me from now on. It is kind of a different approach, but It is work nicely for me I feel.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sculpting with a mouse!

So today I was sitting in class next to a guy who is sculpting for a project he is on working on himself.
And I just wanted to sculpt so bad! watching him as he go, But I had no wacom tablet.
So I just for fun, started up zbrush.
And all I did really was to play around with the dynamesh sphere. but at some point I was like, fuck it! Even though I promised myself to never use a mouse for zbrush I went for it!.
It was very different, and quite difficult aswell, But after a bit more than an hour I think I got a satisfying result :).
I actually feel quite surprised that I could make something that actually looked quite cool with just a mouse.
But you can see it here and judge it yourself :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Motion capture character.

So at school we recently started a little project to learn motion capture, which is awesome!
And I gotta say, I was in that suit watching myself live on a screen, being troll that I made myself.
That feeling was great! and we had so much fun doing it, only bad part about being the guy in the suit gotta be the heat, cause those suit are so tight and no air goes through, so even doing a walk cycle you are gonna sweat like you are doing  you workouts at the gym! :)

We have to take this motion capture information and clean it up and use it in a game with certain criteria.
We will deliver the finished game Wednesday so deadline is closing in on us here!
Our game is gonna be about a troll waking up from his hibernation, and quickly realising his cave is falling apart, and he gotta get out quick!

as of now I am just sitting betweem motion builder and maya and cleaning the motion capture data and making it ready for the game. I gotta say motion capture is not too ideal for cycles without a treadmill, but we do this for exercise so I guess it is okay!

Not too long ago I did our main character and I will show it to you here!
When the game is done I am gonna post some pictures of how it looks ingame, and you might be lucky enough to see a picture of me suited up in a mocap suit! ;)

Here is the troll

Monday, October 8, 2012

a few sculpts

The troll was meant as a mockup or quick concept for a mocap project I am working on at school right now :)
rest just practicing!